WHO is Responsible for This Crisis?

WHO is Muddying the Waters?

On the one hand, there are climate change deniers, who are either woefully ignorant or intentionally disseminating misinformation (see for more info), and on the other hand there are climate alarmists, who try to convince us that we are doomed, so we may as well just give up all efforts to avert the crisis. Both are dangerous, but the alarmist have less influence. See this Guardian article for more info.

WHO is helping to clear the waters?

Here’s a partial list of those disseminating misinformation:

Climate Feedback is an excellent source of peer-reviewed, accurate information, accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network. The European Science-Media Hub also spreads accurate information. Climate Without Borders and Climate Tracker are examples of other organizations working to share accurate climate and weather information.

If you want some hard science about climate change that is also accessible, see