About Drawdown BC

Who We Are

We are inspired by the work of Project Drawdown and the Pachamama Alliance, and endeavour to motivate grassroots climate action.

Vision and Mission

We are inspired by a bold vision to reverse global warming by encouraging an environmentally sustainable and socially just human presence on this planet.

Through our workshops and courses, we strive to inform and engage a critical mass of BC citizens about the climate solutions required to stop our climate crisis and reverse global warming, and inspire and support citizen and community action to implement these solutions.


Drawdown BC was born out of the vision of Sandi Goldie, Jim Bronson, Chris Clark, and Jon Carrodus. Sandi and Jim began facilitating Introduction to Drawdown courses in 2018, and Getting Into Action courses in 2019, building a grassroots movement of hundreds of workshop alumni dedicated to climate action.

In 2020, Sandi and Jim also began hosting regular ‘Saturday Solutions’ workshops that gather these alumni together to share their climate actions and initiatives. In 2021, as Sandi and Jim step back from Drawdown BC and into Drawdown work in Oregon, a dedicated team of volunteers carry Sandi and Jim’s vision forward. Sandi and Jim will continue to be consultants for the Drawdown BC groups and alumni.